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Awakening Passion: Trust, Play & Love

Sara & Thomas Stout of LovePassionately
Sara & Thomas Stout of LovePassionately


Awakening Passion: Trust, Play & Love

Are you seeking more passion and love in your life?

Do you wish to feel more confident and joyful?

Awakening Passion: Trust, Play & Love is perfect for those that want to discover healthy ways to approach intimacy to create new opportunities to live with more energy, vitality, and authentic confidence. 

Singles and couples will equally appreciate the fun and safe ways in which you can dive into the discovery of love, passion, and relational-enhancing connections.

Through proven Tantric methods, build on your resourcefulness from the bottom up, establishing a strong, centered self from which passion can arise. Bring forth the fire that wants to be set ablaze, the you that desires to live fully.

Too often, we hold our energy back, lack spark or fresh ideas. Life can feel dull or unfulfilling. 

Awaken your body, your vitality, and your innate passion!

During Awakening Passion, you will:

  • Enjoy play as a path to awakening. 
  • Strengthen your individuality while in deep connection.
  • Reawaken your primal passion 
  • Explore the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. 
  • Build sacredness into your love life. 
  • Develop a foundation of trust and openness.
  • Celebrate your sexuality in a safe and affirming environment. 
  • Learn tools to integrate Tantra into your everyday life.

With over 30 years of marriage, Sara & Thomas Stout understand how to keep love and passion alive. They embody a strong sense of individuality while diving into intimacy. 

“Thomas/SatchiJo and Sara are impeccable leaders in the often tender and vulnerable space of self-love and sensuality.”
~ WN from Wisconsin

Discover how overcoming difficulties can prompt feeling closer, respected, and committed. 

APassionEnjoy this newly designed Tantric weekend retreat to enhance any stage of your life. This program comes from a request for deep intimacy while maintaining autonomy. Most of our stress and compulsions are from playing a role of who we are not.


How do you balance your innate needs for attachment and not lose your individuality?

Through the practical exercises in Awakening Passion: Trust, Play & Love, you explore how to establish the trust, verticality, and boundaries you need to allow yourself to merge into oneness and bliss.

When you return to your true existence, tension dissolves, and joy is boundless. 

And you’ll have fun while evolving.

In which area of your life do you want to ignite more passion? 





A cause that is important to you?

or Life itself?

Do you want to feel more relaxed and light with your body and sexuality?

Feel the freedom that comes with acceptance and self-love.

Passion bursts forth from unrestrained desires.

Imagine being in a community that welcomes you and your true and boundless self. 

Awakening Passion: Trust, Play & Love is open to everyone, regardless of gender, relationship status, and sexual orientation. You don’t have to be in a relationship to learn about Tantra! We welcome anyone who is ready to take a step towards more aliveness, love, and consciousness in their intimate relating and daily lives.

From this seminar, you’ll take home ways to access your source of ecstatic energy and share it in a conscious way with anyone in your intimate relationships and everyday life. By learning and putting into practice the timeless wisdom of this work, you will gain the benefits from these practices over and over.

"It’s a beautiful way to start on a journey of self exploration in a container that provides safety, fun, listening, and learning."
~ Diane Divone

"Perfect weekend to really find your inner truth with or without a partner."
~ Rose M.

This workshop serves as a prerequisite for the Love & Ecstasy Training® Cycles.

Practical Information:

Teachers: Sara & Thomas Stout

Start: Friday, Oct 18, 2024, at 6pm with registration/dinner

End: Sunday, Oct 20, 2024, at 12:00pm, followed by lunch

Cost: $695-$845 per person includes:

  • full weekend seminar
  • delicious and wholesome meals (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch)
  • access to Four Springs amenities (including its beautiful land, trails, pool, sauna and more)
  • lodging options (listed below)

Lodging Options: Four Springs offers a variety of camp-style amenities including private cabins, a charming lodge for socializing, a gorgeous workshop venue, a swimming pool (May to Oct), sauna, and more. It is recommended that you register early to obtain the lodging of your choice.
  • CWBC: 2-Room private cabin with bathroom, 2 queen beds, for couples only
    $845/person includes tuition, meals & a 2 room cabin with double bed, living room and private bathroom
  • DCSB: Duplex cabin with shared bathroom, 2 twin beds separate or combined, solos or couples
    $795/person includes tuition, meals & a cozy cabin with double bed or two twin beds, and semi-private bathroom
  • CCB: Private cabin with communal bathroom in separate building, 2 twin beds separate or combined, solos or couples
    $745/person includes tuition, meals & 1-room cabin with double bed or two twin beds, and shared bath house
  • IDC: Indoor camping (available all year)
    $695/person includes tuition, meals, shared bath house & indoor camping (bring your own mat and sleeping gear)
  • ODC: Outdoor camping (available November – April, RVs only))
    $695/person includes tuition, meals, shared bath house & outdoor camping (bring your own tent, mat and sleeping gear)
  • Deposit: $250 per person to secure your space or pay in full below. Full payment due by Sept 8, 2024.

Knowledge or experience of SkyDancing Tantra is not necessary. Space is limited, so be sure to register well in advance to avoid disappointment.

This workshop is sponsored by LovePassionately.  Once you complete the "Registration Application" form below, Sara and Thomas will contact you about registration and payment.

Request to register below if you have attended an evening or longer event with LovePassionately

Schedule a Discovery Session before registering if you are new to LovePassionately.

Location information

14598 Sheveland Rd, Middletown, California 95461

22255 Sheveland Road
California 95461
United States