A taste of SkyDancing Tantra

Classes - 2-6 hour events

SkyDancing Tantra is a sequential training that builds on previous workshops
to provide growth opportunities beyond what you've imagined.

Begin your Tantric journey with either a taste of Tantra evening class or an introductory weekend workshop.

Our classes and 2-3 day initiation workshops are open to all. No prior knowledge of Tantra is required. Beginners and experienced alike, find our community welcoming. You can attend on your own, as a couple, or any relationship configuration. We welcome all genders and orientations.

Classes (2-6 hour events)
Understand why Tantra's popularity is growing, whether you are in a relationship or not, and conducive to any life stage. SkyDancing Tantra is a trusted name that honors the ancient Tantric practices and blends modern empowerment communication and consent. Be assured that any level of participation is your free choice.

What might you experience in a class?:

  • Gain a better understanding of Tantra
  • Build awareness skills through developing presence and meditation.
  •  Quickly feel included through guided interactions.
  • Develop your capacity to engage your vital life force energy.
  • Expand your opportunities for human connection and touch.
  • Enliven your sex life.
  • Recognize this as the beginning of something powerful!

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"It’s a safe, non-judgmental, caring circle to all humans - The class was great body-based experiences of slowing down, enjoying the sensations, and the wonderful healing investment in myself." ~ Teresa
"I think I learned that Tantra can be a very deep practice. This was a very positive and beautiful event. From my perspective, it was a great success." ~ Mark Caron, MN

Upcoming Classes

Our classes are open to all. No prior knowledge of Tantra is required. Beginners are welcome ! You can participate alone or in a couple.
At the bottom of the page of each event you will find a Registration / Information Form.

Covid-19 Update:
Due to Covid-19, classes are now offered online. You have a unique opportunity to partake in a variety of classes offered by our teachers from across North America.
In-person classes will resume at the discretion of the teachers, following their regional recommendations.

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If you desire to dive deeper into awakening your human potential as a spiritual, sexual being, register for an Introductory 2-3 day Tantra Workshop."