Integrate love, intimacy, and spirituality into the fabric of your everyday life.

SEMINARS - 2-3 Day Tantra Workshops

During weekend workshops, you discover what is possible with SkyDancing Tantra as it gives you time to engage more fully and feel the depth of these teachings. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive progression of exercises. With each foundational practice building on the previous, you are invited to:

  • Strengthen your interrelationship and communication skills.
  • Release limitations that hold you back.
  • Delve into extensive transformative rituals and meditations.
  • Deepen your self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Learn how sexuality is a path to higher consciousness.
  • Reach a greater depth and breadth of love and intimacy.

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"Many, many take-aways from the weekend. The practices I learned are adaptable to my life. I had breakthroughs and my heart continues to open. I would recommend this to anyone looking to find their sexual/personal edge in a safe and loving and structured environment." ~ Vanessa Weseman, Mpls
"Highly recommend this weekend for singles or couples. Fun and life-changing as one lets go of communication barriers, heals the heart, and connects with others in safe and meaningful ways. Return home with more self-love and appreciation for others." ~ Lisa Irgens
"It was a beautiful place to be with beloveds, to be real in my body, mind and spirit, to fall in love again with how beautiful human beings are when I can see the divine flowing through them." ~ Judy (attended solo)
"A wonderful weekend of growth, expansion, connections with others, and especially connection with my partner. Many, many take-aways that we will incorporate into our regular love practice." ~ Bill D 

Upcoming Seminars

Our seminars and initiation workshops are open to all. No prior knowledge of Tantra is required. Beginners are welcome ! You can participate alone or in a couple.
At the bottom of the page of each event you will find a Registration / Information Form.

Covid-19 Update:
Due to Covid-19, workshops are currently postponed. We recommend that you sample our online classes or private coaching retreats until we can return to in-person Tantra Workshops.
In-person workshops will resume at the discretion of the teachers, as they follow their regional recommendations.

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If you desire to rediscover your full expression of yourself, you are ready for the next step with the Advanced week-long trainings, including the Love and Ecstasy Training (LET). Upon completing the introductory events, you've got the tools to get the most out of the intensive trainings where you access your true ecstatic nature.