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A Journey through Margot Anand’s Sexual Magic

Mariama - Ma Tara - Anando - Ari Dharma
Mariama - Ma Tara - Anando - Ari Dharma


"A Journey through Margot Anand’s Sexual Magic "

Here's the link to the video of Margot speaking : A journey through Margot Anand's sexual Magic 
"I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend you the workshop : At the heart of sexual magic of Margot Anand. So I really encourage you to choose this opportunity to become the pioneer that you are. Become a magnetic Being. »

 Margot Anand


Facilitators:Mariama , Ma Tara ,Anando and Ari Dharma , all certified Skydancing® Tantra teachers .

Pursuing and deepening the path of Tantra: advanced course
This workshop is open to anyone who has already practiced at least one weekend of Tantra, whether solo or as a couple, and whatever your relational orientation.

Initially developed by Margot Anand to explore and transmit teachings dear to her, and hitherto unpublished, this course was intended to be a unique proposition. 
But Margot ran this course for four years, refining it from year to year. 
Four certified SkyDancing Tantra facilitators accompanied her on this adventure and participated in its co-creation. 
When Margot Anand announced that she was going to retire in July 2023, she encouraged the team to continue this teaching. 
It is therefore with her blessing that this workshop is offered to you today.

Confidentiality, consent and benevolence are the supports for your explorations in consciousness.

A workshop to deepen the path of Tantra

Sexual Magic, according to Margot Anand, is a  set of bodily and energetic practicesthat enable us to:

  • Circulate our vital energy
  • Open us to more sensations, more richness in our feelings
  • Bring fluidity to our body, mind and emotions
  • Decondition ourselves from external injunctions and rediscover our inner guidance
  • Give space to more joy
  • Rediscover our power
  • Feel and increase expansion within ourselves and connection to ourselves and others


Date and time: Sunday Sept.29 at 11am to Friday Oct. 4, 2024 at 1pm, followed by a lunch.

Location: Hameau de l'Etoile - 34380 St Martin de Londres - south France

Course fee: € 820 per person 

Early bird if booked before June 30: €690

For those who have already taken the "Skydancing with Margot" course: €550

Payment by instalments possible - please contact us

Accommodation rates: from €78 to €140 per day, depending on the type of room chosen.

A phone interview will be requested for people we don't know yet.

Course validated as a prerequisite for the Love & Ecstasy Training (LET)

Location information

Route de Frouzet, Saint-Martin-de-Londres, Occitanie 34380

Route du Frouzet
Occitanie 34380