Main Trainings



A SkyDancing Institute, in a determined territory such as a region or one or several countries, is a legal entity which has received from Margot, Laurence and Laurent, the authorization to use the brand name SkyDancing in order to organize a certain number of “Approved Seminars” in an agreed “Territory”.

As of today, the Approved Seminars List consists of :

The Love and Ecstasy Training (LET)

THE LOVE AND ECSTASY TRAINING (LET) : it is a series of six seminars, each of which lasting one week. The three first weeks of this series represent Margot Anand’s core teaching. Their contents are presented in Margot Anand’s best-selling book : the art of Sexual Ecstasy. The three last weeks are given only by certain Institutes and have been designed by approved experienced SkyDancing Teachers. All in, this two-years journey (one year when the LET is proposed in its three weeks version) is a personal adventure during which people are exposed to our unique vision of Tantra. It is not a professional training but an individual path. None of the participants of the LET can claim being certified as a Teacher by SkyDancing when not having completed a Teacher Training and been discretionally certified by Margot, Laurence and Laurent.

Sky Men / Sky Women

SKY MEN/SKY WOMEN : Over the course of this week-long seminar, designed as an initiation journey, men and women walk in parallel in two distinct groups, coming together again for the last two days in a space of genuine mutual respect, love and joy. For the time being, the French-Speaking Institute (Belgium France and French Speaking Switzerland) is the only Institute offering this workshop.

SkyDancers’ Intensive

SKYDANCERS’ INTENSIVE : These seminars have been created because many of our participants, when having completed their six weeks LET, wanted to keep on learning with SkyDancing. The principle of these seminars is that each Institute can organize one or two of them per year. SkyDancing Teachers or other very reputable Teachers are invited to lead those groups on a one shot basis, meaning that those seminars are given only one time then never again. They are only accessible to persons having completed their LET or having gone through a deep training in another reputable Tantra School.

SkyDancing Teacher Training

SKYDANCING TEACHER TRAINING : From time to time, when we decide to take a new step in our expansion, we organize punctual Teacher Trainings in Europe, America and hopefully soon in Asia. They are not regularly offered but are designed to feed the needs of our organization. This is a wonderful learning space for people who desire to spread the beautiful teachings of Tantra throughout the world. Any applicant has to have completed at least the three first weeks of the LET. If you want to be informed of the next ones in Europe or in the USA, please contact us.


Each Institute has to propose, at least the three first weeks of the LET. Some of them have been further allowed to offer some other “Approved Seminars”. Please check on the Institutes Websites.