Tantric Community Spain
Gathering & Retreat September 2021 Invitation Page 1
Beloved Tantrika,
It's my pleasure to present to invite you to the next Gathering & Retreat of the Tantric Community Spain!
After the painful fact that we had to withdraw from our intention to buy a property near Castellón, we're now re-starting our initiative with fresh energy! As one enlightened master in India sings: "Every moment fresh and new, fresh and new ...."
A new opportunity has presented us: A very beautiful and amazing retreat centre near Bilbao may be for sale or pen to merge with us! That's why we're inviting now to come all together and meet at that amazing place in September, from the 8th until the 12th.
Let's co-create and manifest altogether our beautiful vision of a thriving and alive tantric community combined with an international retreat, seminar and healing centre!
Much Love!
(+34) 677 549 660